Alphamat Artcare offers the most extensive selection of museum-quality preservation boards available today. Featuring the latest colours and a solid white archival core for clean, consistent bevels, Alphamat is fade and bleed resistant with colour consistency for colours that stay true for the life of your art.

  • Archival White Core - Specially formulated, solid white archival, lignin-free core, for clean, consistent bevels and unmatched cut quality.

  • Artcare Archival Protection - All Alphamat matboards feature Artcare MicroChamber Technology, for advanced protection against harmful pollutants.

  • Fade Resistant - Alphamat Artcare matboard features the industry's highest level of colour permanence, with a consistency that stays true for the life of your art.

  • Bleed Resistant - All Alphamat Artcare matboard is bleed resistant to the highest required standards in the industry (*as per Library of Congress Standard #400-402).

  • Over 300 Colours - Alphamat Artcare offers the industry's largest choice in colour range for museum quality matboard, with specially selected colours, suitable for today's current trends. 

  • Colour Cores - Over 25 different coloured core, museum quality matboard, in 5 popular core colours.

  • Oversized - Over 75 colours available in oversized 40" x 60" sheets.

  • Environmentally Friendly - Nielsen Bainbridge is committed to meeting the highest environmental standards in the industry. They only use environmentally sound adhesives, colourants that won't contaminate waterways, and recycled materials wherever feasible. In addition, our pulp comes only from farm-grown trees, so for every tree consumed, another is planted.

  • Jumbo 4"in Corner Samples - Nielsen Bainbridge was the first matboard manufacturer to introduce user-friendly, jumbo sized, 4" corner samples, which help you easily demonstrate to the client the use of wider margins, and help maximise your sale value.

  • Colour Wheel Sample Organiser System - All Artcare matboard samples feature an exclusive colour wheel coding system, with category dividers, to help keep your samples beautifully organised and categorised by colour.


When you choose Artcare matting products, you give your customer's art far more protection than any other conservation product can. Artcare patented Micro Chamber technology protects art from being aged, faded and deteriorated by harmful pollutants and acid by-products in the environment within the framed piece.


Bainbridge Alphamat Artcare matboard meets & exceeds the highest conservation standards. Bainbridge Alphamat Artcare also exceeds the standards also for the FINE ART TRADE GUILD and also the Library of Congress. Click here for further detail on these standards. 

The major specs of Artcare Matboard are as follows: 

  • Furnish - Virgin Alpha-cellulose fibre which exceeds the most stringent standards for stability and permanence. Test conducted in accordance with TAPPI Method T-236 om-85 indicate the board to be free of groundwood and lignin.
  • pH Value - An alkaline pH of 8.9 ± 0.4 indicated using TAPPI method T-509 om-88 cold extraction on slurried pulp. 
  • Buffer - Alkaline reserve of 3-5% is measured by ANSI IT9.2-1991 Sec 5.2
  • Molecular Traps (ARTCARE MICROCHAMBER TECHNOLOGY) - Contains "Zeolites" molecular traps synthesized specifically for absorption of air pollution gases and degradative by-products of artwork and photographic media.
  • Colour Fastness - Fade resistance established using a Xenon Fadometer in accordance with ASTM D3424. Alphamat Artcare colours shifted less than 2.5 point brightness shift. Also as per FACTS standard #07-12-01 - product must exhibit no colour change after 36hrs in a weatherometer.
  • Resistance to Aging - Samples tested in air circulation oven for 12 days at 100° C and for 10 days in temperature humidity chamber at 100° F and 90% relative humidity. All board components remained unchanged in appearance and strength.
  • Sizing & Adhesives - Alkaline-based sizing is used. Water-based alkaline adhesive with no solvents is used to adhere component parts of Alphamat boards.
  • Thickness Range - 1.3mm ± 0.08mm


Click Here to download the latest Alphamat Artcare Colour Specifer


Artcare Matboard Technology - Preservation Framing Video (9:51mins)




The number one reason people buy custom framing, is to preserve their treasured memories(*PPFA research figures 2006). If you really want to get serious about preservation, then Bainbridge Artcare is the only matboard that exceeds all minimum conservation requirements for the Fine Art Trade Guild and The Library of Congress. This is why Artcare is the preferred choice for leading institutions, museums & galleries all around the world...

Quentin Webster MCPF® & Cathy Webster CPF®, Framing Matters, Canberra ACT

“Australia’s Most Award-Winning Picture Framers”

“When we first started our business almost a decade ago, we wanted to offer our valued customers the best quality products available in the market. For that reason, our business relies on Alphamat Artcare, which is by far our preferred brand of matboard.

We prefer Alphamat Artcare matboard, because it offers us a fantastic range of colour, textured & fabric mats, which gives our customers limitless creative potential. The stockholding and supply that Megawood offers has consistently outperformed other suppliers, and their service always reflects the quality the product.

We also choose to offer Alphamat Artcare, because it is internationally acknowledged as one of the industry’s highest level of conservation & museum quality board, featuring the patented Artcare zeolite technology, which neutralizes harmful gases which can cause damage to artwork and photographs.”

John & Joyce Sullivan - Artist’s Realm, Gisborne VIC -

“We made the change to Alphamat Artcare, because we care about protecting our customer’s treasured memories by using the best conservation products available, and our customers appreciate this.”

Matthew Pearce - Koala Framing, Paddington QLD

“I recently changed over to Alphamat Artcare from another brand of cotton rag matboard, and have found it to be the best decision I could have made for my business. I was initially attracted to Alphamat Artcare because of the amazing range of colours, including the new bright vibrant “animations” and the comprehensive range of specialty textured and fabric mats, which my customers have loved.

Since changing to Alphamat Artcare, I have noticed there is a difference when it comes to matboards. I love the consistent cut quality, of Alphamat Artcare, and I also love the consistent availability and supply from Megawood, who are great to deal with.

My customers appreciate the superior Artcare technology in Alphamat, which offers the best protection possible for preserving their framed memories.

Offering Alphamat Artcare helps distinguish my business from other framers, and my business is better because of this.”

Click here to watch a video testimonial from Matthew.

Cath Stocks - Framing to a T, Berwick VIC -

“The team of design consultants at Framing to a T are delighted to work with the fabulous range of matboard colours and textures that Bainbridge offer.

The new fabric suede range have proven to be popular with our customers and now, with the summer months ahead of us, our customers are embracing the lighter colours and the linen textures.

The metallic rice paper and precious metals range work in beautifully with special art pieces and photos all year round. Traditionally these colours are used as an inner mat. Framing to a T consultants like to use these metallics as an outer mat for a subtle and sophisticated look.

We have also enjoyed introducing our customers to the vivid, bright “animations” range, recently launched by Bainbridge. These colours are perfect for modern photos for a splash of colour and fun. These bright choices are proving to work well with the very popular sporting memorabilia.

We all enjoy working with such a superb range of colour, texture and conservation quality product, along with the support from the supplier, Megawood, and the point of sale and product education and information that Bainbridge provides.”

Jodie Prymke, Owner, Jodie Prymke Fine Art Framing, Adelaide SA -

"As a fine art framer, I've tried all major brands of matboards and nothing compares to Bainbridge Alphamat Artcare. It offers the best choice of colours and I just love using their fabric and specialty mats whenever I can.

My time is valuable, so it's important that the quality of the boards, and their cuts, are perfect every time.

The reputation of my business is paramount and this is reflected in my frame designs and the quality of the products I offer my customers. This is why I choose to use the Museum Quality of Bainbridge Alphamat Artcare."

Ian Lauder Owner, Matisse Framing, Brisbane QLD -

"As a well established framer for over 26 years, I’ve never compromised my quality, which is why my business is more successful than ever. Because my reputation is based on quality, my customers remain loyal to me, which is why I have remained loyal to exclusively using Bainbridge Alphamat matboard since 1986.

The wide range of mat styles and colours enables my customers to select either vibrant or subtle options, and compared to other boards I’ve tried, it gives the best quality cuts.

I recognise that Alphamat Artcare products are an important reason why my business continues to succeed, even in tough times."

Miranda Smith, Owner, Gallery 360, Perth WA -

"As preservation framers, many items we frame become part of WA’s cultural heritage. It is imperative that we ensure our materials contain proven and world leading conservation benefits.

We choose the Bainbridge Artcare matboards because they are lignin free and contain zeolites, which are important components of our archival quality frame package.

The Alphamat Artcare colours range from subtle to fashionable, providing a wide range of selection of options for our customers. The colour range keeps up with current trends, which allows us to offer the both the latest & more traditional styles to our customers.

Choosing to offer Artcare Archival matboards makes it easy to offer our clients great designs combined with the industry’s highest conservation standards, which helps our business grow year after year."

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