For those who prefer using cotton rag board, Alpharag Artcare offers the largest selection of 100% cotton museum quality matboards in the industry.

  • Pure - Made from the purest rag pulp and subject to rigorous quality control, each board is hand inspected for cleanliness and integrity.
  • Stability - Unlike other museum rag boards, Alpharag is made with equal plies of 100% cotton for superior rigidity and stability.
  • Solid Colour - Solid consistent colour throughout for clean, consistent bevels and unmatched cut quality.
  • Artcare Archival Protection - All Alpharag matboards feature Artcare MicroChamber Technology, for advanced protection against harmful pollutants.
  • Choice of Thicknesses - Available in 1, 2 4 & 8 ply thicknesses. Alpharag also features the industry's thickest, true 8ply board.
  • Fade Resistant - Alpharag Artcare matboard features the industry's highest level of colour permanence, with a consistency that stays true for the life of your art.
  • Bleed Resistant - All Alphamat Artcare matboard is bleed resistant to the highest required standards in the industry (*as per Library of Congress Standard #400-402).
  • Over 30 Colours - Alpharag offers a superior choice in colour range, with specially selected colours, suitable for today's current trends. 
  • Oversized - Over 14 colours available in 40" x 60" oversized, and 2 colours in 48" x 96" jumbo sized.
  • Environmentally Friendly - Nielsen Bainbridge is committed to meeting the highest environmental standards in the industry. All of the raw materials used in our manufacturing process meet or exceed stringent environmental guidelines. They only use environmentally sound adhesives and colourants that yield the cleanest shades and don't contaminate waterways.
  • Jumbo 4"in Corner Samples - Bainbridge was the first matboard manufacturer to introduce user-friendly, jumbo sized, 4" corner samples, which help you easily demonstrate to the client the use of wider margins, and help maximise your sale value.
  • Bevel Cut Samples - all Alpharag matboard samples come with  pre-cut bevels, so your customers can see the value in choosing a pure Alpharag core matboard for their mat design.
  • Reputation - Used and preferred by the Australian National GalleryAustralian National Portrait Gallery and the Australian National Archives.


When you choose Artcare matting products, you give your customer's art far more protection than any other conservation product can. Artcare patented Micro Chamber technology protects art from being aged, faded and deteriorated by harmful pollutants and acid by-products in the environment within the framed piece.


Bainbridge Alpharag Artcare matboard meets & exceeds the highest conservation standards. Bainbridge Alpharag Artcare also exceeds the standards also for the FINE ART TRADE GUILD and also the Library of Congress. Click here for further detail on these standards. 

The major specs of Alpharag Artcare Matboard are as follows:

  • Pure - All product components are tested and certified for purity.
  • Permanence - All boards meet and exceed the regulations of ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 (Permanence of Paper)
  • All boards pass the Photographic Activity Test
  • No optical brighteners are used.
  • Molecular Traps (ARTCARE MICROCHAMBER TECHNOLOGY) - Contains "Zeolites" molecular traps synthesized specifically for absorption of air pollution gases and degradative by-products of artwork and photographic media. 


Bainbridge Artcare - Preservation Framing Video (9:51mins)


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