Not all foamboard is created equal! 

Laboratory studies show that all foam produces gases that can be harmful to artwork. The same studies show that only Artcare Archival Foamboard neutralizes these gases, and eliminates the danger. 

Other acid free foamboards claim to be archival, but in fact they offer no protection against the damaging effects of out-gassing. 

 Artcare Archival Foamboard from Bainbridge is the only one that's truly archival. Other foamboards may offer an archival surface, while the foam itself gives off harmful gases that can fade, damage and deteriorate your customer's artwork. But Artcare with it's MicroChamber technology, absorbs and neutralises those harmful gases and protects the art well into the future. 


  • Two Sizes - available in both 32" x 40" and 40" x 60" oversize.
  • pH Value - An alkaline pH of 8.9 ± 0.4 indicated using TAPPI method T-509 om-88 cold extraction on slurried pulp.
  • Molecular Traps (ARTCARE MICROCHAMBER TECHNOLOGY) - Contains "Zeolites" molecular traps synthesized specifically for absorption of air pollution gases and degradative by-products of artwork and photographic media.
  • Thickness - available in both 3mm and 5mm thickness 

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