Nielsen Bainbridge offers the most extensive range of Fabrics & Textures, so you and your customers remain at the cutting edge of design. All Fabrics & Textures are featured on Alphamat Artcare archival core and backing, for timeless style and long-lasting beauty.

Layering fabrics and textures adds depth and drama to any home decor. From luxurious Suedes to New Threads and Metallic Rice Papers, from delicate Silks to timeless Linens; you won't find a more extensive line anywhere.

  • Alphamat Artcare - Solid white archival, lignin-free core, for clean, consistent bevels and unmatched cut quality.
  • Artcare Archival Protection - All Alpharag matboards feature Artcare MicroChamber Technology, for advanced protection against harmful pollutants.
  • Over 170 Colours - Bainbridge offers a superior choice in fabric styles & colour range, with specially selected colours, suitable for today's current trends, making it the largest range of fabric & textured matboard in the world.
  • Artcare Archival Fabrics - The first and only museum quality fabric matboards that provide conservation protection with archival surfaces, core and backing. Artcare Alpha Linens are made from the finest Belgian linen, and have the Masters of Linen guarantee of quality.
  • Oversized - Over 90 colours available in oversized - which is the largest range available in the industry.
  • Jumbo 4"in Corner Samples - Bainbridge was the first matboard manufacturer to introduce user-friendly, jumbo sized, 4" corner samples, which help you easily demonstrate to the client the use of wider margins, and help maximise your sale value.
  • Colour Wheel Sample Organiser System - All Artcare matboard samples feature an exclusive colour wheel coding system, with category dividers, to help keep your samples beautifully organised and categorised by colour.


  • Furnish - Virgin Alpha-cellulose fibre which exceeds the most stringent standards for stability and permanence. Test conducted in accordance with TAPPI Method T-236 om-85 indicate the board to be free of groundwood and lignin.
  • pH Value - An alkaline pH of 8.9 ± 0.4 indicated using TAPPI method T-509 om-88 cold extraction on slurried pulp. 
  • Buffer - Alkaline reserve of 3-5% is measured by ANSI IT9.2-1991 Sec 5.2
  • Molecular Traps (ARTCARE MICROCHAMBER TECHNOLOGY) - Contains "Zeolites" molecular traps synthesized specifically for absorption of air pollution gases and degradative by-products of artwork and photographic media.
  • Thickness Range - 1.3mm ± 0.08mm

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