Q) So what makes Artcare better than Novacore?

A) Novacore is a standard, white core non-conservation matboard product, suitable for decorative framing purposes with no long-term conservation requirement. Artcare, however, is a preservation grade of matboard, designed specifically to protect the artwork being framed, featuring patented Artcare technology.

Q) But doesn’t “Acid Free” mean it is conservation-grade product?

A) No. Acid free is a very loose and potentially “abused” term – In most cases, “Acid Free” only refers to the product measuring an alkaline level of pH at the point of manufacture, and does not exclude the product from becoming acidic and harmful over a period of time. Beware of the use of this term.

Q) So if it has a “white” core, it must mean it is “acid free”, right?

A) No. Just because a product is “white”, does not mean it is acid-free or conservation grade, as it still may contain acid producing by-products. This applies to foamboard as well as matboard.

Q) But other brands of conservation-grade matboard are just as good as Bainbridge Alphamat Artcare, right?

A) Actually, no. No other brand of matboard features Artcare technology or the Bainbridge commitment to quality and standards as detailed here. Furthermore, no other brand offers the comprehensive ranges of products and colours, and specialty finishes in conservation grade matboard, as Artcare.

Q) What causes artwork to degrade?

A) Natural and man-made pollutants and acidic gases in our everyday environment, as well as by-products of the artwork’s natural aging and deterioration.

Q) What is the role of the “conservation” window mat?

A) Window mats not only separate the artwork from the glass, but also provide physical protection to the artwork. Only Artcare matboard will block pollutant gases that enter the frame package along the edges, and block damaging gases generated within the frame package from wood moulding, adhesives and natural artwork aging. Competition conservation matboards do not provide this level of protection.

Q) Why is Artcare the leading preservation matboard?

A) Research proves the superior preservation quality of Artcare matboard:

- A recent 3 year independent study of the world renown Getty Conservation institute has proven that the SPZ zeolites in Artcare boards trap and hold acetic acid – the most common by-product of paper and wood aging, better than other tested materials including calcium carbonate buffer, common using in other preservation boards.  (Click here to download a copy of this article).

- Studies have shown that Artcare technology traps and holds common air pollution gases such as nitrogen dioxide- the most common air pollutant generated by car exhaust, and sulfur dioxide, which comes from factory emissions, which are proven to harmfully damage paper based artwork.

- Artcare boards are used around the world by the most respected conservators and museums, to protect some of the world’s most valuable artworks and documents.

- Artcare matboard offers the industry’s widest selection of colours and decorative surfaces available in a preservation grade matboard.

Q) How does Artcare work?

A) Microscopic molecular traps built into the fibers of each Artcare product capture and chemically lock up molecules of pollutants and gases, keeping them from reaching and damaging the artwork and from harming the matboard. (Click here to learn more). 

Q) If acids are trapped in the matboard, aren’t they being held right against the artwork?

A) No, the Artcare molecular traps hold acid gases, keeping them away from the artwork.

Q) Isn’t discolouration and fading a result of exposure to light (UV)?

A) Yes, but discolouration in artwork is also a result of chemical change caused by the exposure of Nitrogen Dioxide, which is a an ever-present gas in normal, breathable air.  

Q) Doesn't 100% rag offer time-proven protection?

A) Properly manufactured rag paper, like all alpha-cellulose papers, provide high levels of permanence, so they don’t harm artwork. However they do not actively protect artwork against pollutants and gases. If your design preference is 100% rag, select Alpharag Artcare.

Q) Don't buffers neutralize air pollution?

A) No, pollutants and most acid gases don’t react with buffers (eg: calcium carbonate) and are therefore not neutralized by them.

Q) Will the molecular traps ever fill up?

A) No. Every Artcare product contains hundreds of thousands of molecular traps, yielding a functional lifetime that’s virtually infinite.

Q) How do I explain Artcare to my customers?

A) Simply tell your customers you’re giving them the highest level of archival protection available today.

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