Nielsen Bainbridge is the world's largest manufacturer of high-quality picture framing products. Their designs and innovations, driven by a passion for beauty in the presentation of art, have defined and, on more than one occasion, redefined the industry.

Artcare Technology

What is Bainbridge "Artcare" technology?
What is "MicroChamber" technology and "zeolites"? How do they work?

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Artcare Resource Centre

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- PDF Specifier Charts

- Artcare Point of Sale aids & posters

- Artcare POS PowerPoint Presentation

- Reference documents


Alphamat Artcare Matboard

Alphamat Artcare offers the most extensive selection of museum-quality preservation boards available today.

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Novacore Matboard

Bainbridge Novacore is a solid, bright white core matboard, suitable for standard, non-conservation framing.

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Fabric & Textured Matboards

Bainbridge offers the most extensive range of Fabrics & Textures, so you and your customers remain at the cutting edge of design.

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Canterbury Production Board

Canterbury is a competitively priced whitecore matboard range to suit commercial framing requirements.

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For over 100 years, Bainbridge has remained the world's leading brand of matboard. 

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Video Library

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- Preservation Framing

- Artcare - Customer Testimonial Videos

- How to use Bainbridge Bevel Accents

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