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The brand new Gunnar 4001 sets new boundaries in CMC performance. Not only is it the fastest, and most advanced mat cutting "system" available on the planet, it is the proven and tested winner when it comes to reliability and efficiency in high-end production framing businesses around the globe. The Gunnar 4001 is the best computerised matcutter available.




  • Swiss precision - The Gunnar 4001's Swiss design and engineering leads the market in superior reliability and accuracy. Only mats of the utmost precision are produced.


  • Fast - With a breathtaking movement speed of up to 2000mm/second, the Gunnar 4001 is the fastest computerised matcutter in the world.


  • Two cutting heads – With the double cutting head, multiple production mats can be cut “edge to edge” with a straight cut, saving time, wastage and with a professional square edge.


  • Cuts to the edge The ground breaking dual clamping system of vacuum table combined with pneumatic, countersunk button clamps, the unique Gunnar 4001 allows you to cut to the edge of the matboard confidently, safely and with absolutely no wastage.


  • Low maintenance - As the predecessor to the popular Gunnar 3001, the Gunnar 4001 is ready to be torture tested by the world's most demanding framing businesses, designed for 24 hour a day constant production.


  • Cuts foamboard – Cut foamboard up to 3.5mm thick for backings, with a perfectly square edge.


  • Split clamping zones – Double your production with “left-right” split clamping operation, with two separate cutting zones utilized by a single operator.


  • Automatic blade depth - With the ability to cut combined v-grooves and openings in one step, there is no need for adjustment or blade change when cutting these mats. This feature also allows you to cut mass produced double mats in the one step.


  • Horizontal operation - No gravity related problems with off-cuts slipping down and interrupting subsequent cuts. At 860mm high, the height of the table has been optimized for maximum operator comfort.


  • Tool-free blade change - Easily change the blade in a matter of seconds.


  • Designed by framers for framing - Intuitive Swiss design and operation, which is easy to understand for anyone with a picture framing background.


  • Maximum table size - The Gunnar 4001 features an increased work surface of 190 x 125cm, allowing comfortable split table processing of untrimmed matboard. 




  • No start-finish marks - Only Gunnar guarantees absolutely no start finish marks in circles and ovals.


  • No hooking - Only Gunnar guarantees no hooking or curved cuts, regardless of the thickness, brand or density of your matboard.



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