Now, more than ever, taking care of our environment is paramount at Megawood Larson-Juhl. We know that every decision we make today, from purchasing lumber to exploring new technology, is important to having a healthy planet for tomorrow.

We manufacture our products in many locations across the world. As such it is important we instil in our teams a discipline to maintain and care for their environment.

Megawood Larson-Juhl is proud to offer a number of moulding collections that have earned FSC and PEFC certifications. Please visit the international Larson-Juhl Certification Page to learn more about these forest-friendly certifications

In 1991 Larson Juhl International partnered with American Forests to begin the Global ReLeaf ecosystem restoration project. Since then Larson-Juhl International has planted over a quarter of a million trees throughout the world. This is a monumental effort – and one we are very proud of.

Earth-friendly Materials

Many materials used in frame making are the same as those sourced centuries ago – and are environmentally sound. Beyond the wood used in manufacturing, materials used in creating the ornamentation for the mouldings and many of the finishing products are Earth-friendly. Materials such as compo and gesso, which make up majority of what is used in creating the finished products, are both water-based, natural materials.

Responsible Lumber Management

Our moulding manufacturers across the world purchase lumber from a variety of sources to meet design and production needs. Manufacturers strive to source materials from suppliers who comply with harvesting guidelines. At Megawood Larson-Juhl we aim to source woods considered highly sustainable.

Reuse, Recycle

We are dedicated to researching the best technology for our processes and strive to optimise our efficiencies in using the lumber. For the excess wood we do have, we work within our communities to reuse and recycle it after production. Our wood shavings are collected by distributors who take them to local farms for use as bedding for animals. Larger pieces are sent to a local paper mill and power plant to be used in generating steam energy for electricity and heat. We are very proud to say that none of our waste products are used as landfill.


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