Cassese are recognised as the industry pioneers for inventing the award-winning concept of the v-shaped wedge, and the underpinner (frame joiner)- which subsequently revolutionized the picture framing industry.

Genuine Cassese patented wedges and joining technology offer several unique features and benefits, unmatched by any other manufacturers:

  • Rust protected: All Cassese cartridge wedges are lubricated for smoother penetration, and also create minimum wearing of your Cassese underpinner.
  • High grade steel: All Cassese wedges are manufactured using a high grade of steel, for durable, improved tensile quality, and better joins.
  • Quick-change cartridge system: Cassese wedges are individually loaded into easy to change, glue-less cartridges, of up to 290 wedges. The Cassese cartridge system allows you to use every single wedge in a cartridge, with no wastage. No tools or parts are required to change between different sized wedges.
  • Quick colour identification: Cassese Cartridges are available in 7 different sizes, from 3mm to 15mm, and are easy to identify in colour-coded cartridges.
  • Softwood & hardwood: Cassese Wedges are available in two different timber styles.
  • Patented "Powerstrip" technology - Cassese wedges are produced with a corrugation in the middle of the wedge, which improves the strength of the wedge making it is to join harder materials without difficulty.


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