When Cassese in France invented the first concept of their award-winning underpinner in 1975, they revolutionized the picture framing industry. Since then, the underpinner has become the most recognizable piece of picture framing equipment in a framer's workshop. Cassese has always been the most popular brand of underpinner around the globe, and they are renowned for consistently perfect joins. Megawood Larson-Juhl are proud to be recognized as the most comprehensive supplier of Cassese framing equipment in Australia.

Cassese Wedges


Cassese CS1


Cassese CS2

Cassese CS88


Cassese CS20

Epson Stylus<sup>®</sup> Pro 4900 - 17

Cassese CS199MXL


Cassese MACH1 UNI


Inmes IM4P


Inmes IM5P



Epson Stylus<sup>®</sup> Pro 4900 - 17

Pilm 303



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