It's what's behind our machinery that puts us in front.

Megawood Larson-Juhl has the largest range of picture framing machinery in Australia. Megawood Larson-Juhl has a full-time sales and service team with 9 staff nationwide, dedicated to assist you with any enquiries regarding existing machines or spare parts required. Megawood Larson-Juhl believe in supporting their clients long after the purchase of any particular machine.

Frame Cutting

Tools used for cutting picture frame moulding, and creating a mitre,
usually 45 degrees.

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Frame Joining

Choose from easiest to use, newest technology and best value underpinners available.

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Mat Cutting

Select from a range of the easiest to use and best value matcutters available on the market.

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Glass & Board Cutting

The best machines available for the cutting of picture frame glass and substrates for framing purposes.

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Mounting & Laminating

We carry a variety of heavy duty mounting and laminating machines ideal for the job at hand.

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Digital Printing

Help increase your framing business by printing photographic images directly on to photographic paper, canvas and art papers and more.

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Other Machinery

Other solutions, such as dust extraction point drivers and silent compressors.

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Service & Support

We offer the industry's highest standards and most experienced support, to assist when you need it.

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