At Megawood Larson-Juhl we are proud of our commitment to superior matboard quality, backed by experience and service.

Our Brands

Backed by our international parent company, Larson-Juhl, we have produced our own exclusive matboard brands designed around the current and ongoing needs of our specialized industry.

Artique Conservation is our premium conservation matboard line, and has long been recognized for its unmatched neutral palette, with over 10 years of established quality and consistency.

ArQadia Whitecore is the result of a joint venture between Megawood Larson-Juhl Australia and Larson-Juhl New Zealand, ArQadia Whitecore represents a colour palette of matboards specifically designed for the needs of our market in this part of the world.

Artique Conservation Matboard

Established in 1996, Artique Conservation is manufactured to meet exceptional conservation standards - making it suitable for preservation quality framing. With over 175 colours - including an incredible range of whites, off-whites, creams and greys, of which 54 colours are available oversized.

ArQadia Whitecore Matboard

Designed and put together in early 2013, ArQadia Whitecore is based on the most widely used colours used in our region, and today’s current colour trends.

Our ArQadia Whitecore range boldly features an extensive range of whites and neutrals without forgetting the importance of the striking colours and gentle shades that are so much part of our native cultures.

James Cropper Mills

To manufacture our matboard to the highest possible standards, we enlisted the expertise of  James Cropper Mill founded in 1845, located on the edge of the historic English Lake Districts national park in Cumbria, Northern England.

James Cropper is a well respected name with a long history in the paper industry and is in fact, the world’s only matboard manufacturer that is actually integrated with a paper mill.

The combination of a paper mill that manufactures raw product and then directly converts that product to matboard offers significant advantages in both guarantee of supply and manufacturing costs.

Having full control from pulp to finished products allows James Cropper full control over the elements which go in to producing a quality board and the consistency of colour from batch to batch.

At the same time as having full control of the manufacturing, James Cropper have a cost advantage by doing their own converting, eliminating the extra cost of a converter who would need to add an additional margin on the way to determining the cost price.

James Cropper have been manufacturing archival papers & boards for over 120 years, and matboards for over 60 years, however their ability to produce quality papers does not stop there.

The Cropper Mill has also been manufacturing speciality papers for some of the worlds most famous fashion brands. These renowned brands, including Dunhill, Selfridges and Chivas Regal, appreciate the necessity to have their products represented in the same corporate colours time after time with no compromise on quality.




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