Developed in 1996, Artique Conservation is an alpha-cellulose matboard which offers you over 176 colours in its vibrant, versatile colour range - including the industry's widest range of neutrals, whites and off-whites. 

Artique Conservation Matboard is also offers and extensive range of oversized, 8 Ply and coloured cores.

Artique Conservation Matboard is safe for artwork:

  • Conservation quality surface papers offer optimum fade and bleed resistance.
  • Produced using only 100% virgin alpha-cellulose fibers for lasting quality.
  • pH buffered, acid-free and lignin-free for maximum artwork protection.
  • Meets industry recognised conservation standards.
  • Manufactured to the highest environmental standards.


  • Fine art prints, limited editions

  • Valuable documents and photographs

  • Sports Memorabilia

  • Animation Cells

  • Heirloom and precious needle art




  • All Artique Conservation Matboards are manufactured to the Library of Congress specifications. Please note the LOC is not an accreditation or endorser of independent matboard companies. Rather, they publish conservation specifications that independent paper testing agencies use as parameters when testing matboard and paper.

  • Artique is produced within the limits of 2-5% Calcium Carbonate (Ca Co3) or similarly approved buffer as recommended by the LOC.

  • The total Ash content in Artique is much lower than other similar matboard. The ash content represents how much filler (pulp fiber) is used. In addition, too much filler is regarded as detrimental for matboard intended for photographic use. Therefore, Artique has been specially designed to meet all standards for both photographic and non-photographic applications.

  • Artique uses chemical wood pulps that contain no lignin. Lignin is the compound found in paper and boards that causes yellowing.

  • Artique has gone through extensive rub and pigment transfer (colour bleed) testing and compare well to other manufactured boards in the marketplace.

  • Artique uses a single buffer system of Calcium Carbonate, which is a tried and tested method of conservation.

  • Aged pH tests show that Artique will perform well over 200 years and beyond.

  • Artique’s proven pure, clean, white, consistent 3-glue seam bevel provides a stable, flat board and acts as an additional physical barrier to any possible contaminants and pollutants. The glue used has been specifically selected for conservation use.

  • All elements are manufactured, laminated and converted in-house by James Cropper Mills, which enables Megawood Larson-Juhl and the James Cropper Mills to manage the quality of Artique at every stage of the production.

  • The surface of Artique shows consistency of colour, with many of the dark colours having better scuff and rub resistance than other comparable matboards in the market.

  • The manufacturer of Artique, James Cropper Mills,  is the first matboard manufacturer to achieve the ISO 9000 standard. The ISO 9000 standard is an international quality system by which the manufacturer is regulated and certified by an external audit company.


Click Here to download the latest Artique Colour Specifier

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