Non-conservation Glazing


Premium Clear glass is a high quality regular framing glass.

  • Blocks up to 45% of UV light
  • Allows over 90% of light transmission and less than 8% light reflection
  • 2.5 mm glass substrate


  • Works well in any presentation hung in a controlled lighting environment
  • Can be used with any number of mats



Size Number of lites per box
32" x 40" 6
36" x 48" 4
40" x 60" 3



  • Glass should be handled with care. Cotton gloves should be worn to minimize injury
  • Avoid dragging the lites of glass against one another when removing from the box
  • Do not slide the lite of glass into place. Lift it up to adjust position


  • Place a non-slip surface (such as suede matboard) between the glass and the back of the wall cutter to avoid scratching
  • For Tru Vue Conservation Grade glass products, place the lite of glass in the wall unit with the UV coated side towards the wall, facing the slip sheet. Do not score the UV coated side. The inkjet printing stating "this side faces artwork" indicates the UV coated side. For all other Tru Vue glass products, either side can be scored
  • Keep the glass cutter clean of glass chips by brushing away fragments frequently with a horse hair brush


Tru Vue glass products are clean and ready to use. If spot cleaning is needed, use the following techniques:

  • Place the glass on a clean, non-abrasive surface for cleaning
  • Use a clean, soft, lint-free cloth to clean the glass. Tru Vue recommends using a micro-fibre cloth
  • Spray a small amount of ammonia-free cleaner onto the cloth. Spraying on the cloth will prevent streaking and overspray
  • Press the cloth against the glass and clean in round, circular motions to reduce streaking or leaving spots


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