With Over 40 years of dedication to the custom picture framing industry, Tru Vue remains unmatched

Unmatched UV Performance

  • Only Tru Vue offers Conservation Grade glazing products that meet ISO 18902 and passes ISO 18916, by blocking at least 97% of UV energy
  • With 99% UV Protection, Tru Vue Conservation Grade glazing products surpass preservation standards According to the Art, Wall Décor, Picture Frame & Custom Framing Report, 2010 published by Unity Marketing, preservation and protection are the primary reasons consumers make the decision to custom frame

Unmatched Quality Standards and More Product Choices

  • Museums around the world depend on our products to perform to exacting standards
  • Tru Vue offers a full line of high quality glass and acrylic products available in a wide selection of sizes and features to meet consumer needs

Unmatched Service and Support

  • Made in the USA, Tru Vue products are readily and widely available
  • Our national network of authorized Tru Vue distributors offers speed and flexibility to bring you products, as you need them
  • Tru Vue continually invests in the industry by sponsoring educational seminars and workshops at trade events


Only Tru Vue offers glazing products developed specifically for preservation framing.

Did you know?

Guidelines from the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 18902 recommends choosing glazing products that block at least 97% of UV energy.*

What factors cause damage to art, photographs and other personal keepsakes?

  • All light sources emit harmful UV light rays. Sunlight and indoor lighting, such as fluorescent and tungsten, contain different amounts of UV energy that can cause irreversible UV light damage. Colours may fade and shift and the materials that make up the piece may become brittle or yellow
  • UV protection reduces fading and other damage caused by UV light over time
  • All light, not just UV light, can be damaging. Heat, pollution, moisture, the materials that make up the piece, as well as poor quality framing materials, are all contributing factors

How can you help you customers protect their framed piece?

  • Help your customers preserve their framed piece by recommending materials that meet conservation framing standards
  • Recommend glazing with at least 97% UV protection to reduce the damaging effects of UV light*
  • Educate your customers on the factors that cause damage
  • Recommend displaying their framed piece in a well controlled lighting environment, with low humidity

*According to the Consumer Guide to Materials for Preservation Framing and the Display of Photographic Images © 2010 Image Permanence Institute, guidelines from the International Organization for Standardization, ISO 18902, recommend using glazing that blocks at least 97% of UV energy.


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