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Impactful in-store displays are the easiest way to help customers make the right choice.

Megawood Larson-Juhl can provide you with FREE official Tru Vue point of sale displays upon request.

Tru Vue Glass Choices Frame Display Museum Glass Counter Display

Consumers want to know their options and they look to you to present them. Your Tru Vue glass displays show your customers the visual differences between Tru Vue's Conservation Clear®, Conservation Refection Control® and Museum Glass® options and help them sell themselves on Museum Glass.

Research proves it...

  • When customers see the comparison between regular glass and Museum Glass more than 50% will choose Museum Glass.*
  • 58% of consumers would pay an additional $75 to upgrade to Museum Glass for their posters, paintings, prints and more.*
  • 85% of consumers go with the advice of the framer.*

*Synovate® Consumer Segmentation Study 10/16/2006.
**Invoke Solutions® Consumer Segmentation Study 6/7/2007

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